Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The personality of colour

One of the most compelling things about paint colour is its power to dramatically affect how people feel. Different colours can instill feelings of warmth, cold, calm or nervousness. They can stir the appetite, the spirit and even the libido. Colour, in short is immensely powerful and tapping into that power isn't all that hard, if you know how to go about it. Thankfully, most people are affected by various colours in the same way. In general, reds and yellows are perceived as warm, active, youthful and invigorating. Blues and greens, meanwhile, are perceived as cool, calm, passive and relaxing. Every colour has its own personality and influences our emotions. Choose colours that will reflect the mood you want to create in your home.

Red is great for dining rooms, stimulating appetite and increasing brain activity. It is excellent for child development as it is believed to be the first colour they see. If red is your favourite colour you are impulsive, possibly athletic, sexy and quick to speak your mind. You feel that life is meant to be happy and exciting.

Orange is an extrovert with a contemporary outlook. Its hue helps in attracting people. If orange is your favourite colour you get along well with others. You tend to be social and hate to be alone. People who wear orange enjoy being the centre of attention. Terra cotta is often a popular shade of orange used in decorating.

Yellow is the brightest colour, stimulating memory and giving the room a warm sunny outlook. In proper doses it can lift your spirits. If yellow is your favourite colour you look toward the future and have a yearning for the new and the modern. You have a cheerful spirit and are inclined to be intellectual, idealistic and highly imaginative. Be careful: a bright yellow nursery may make a baby cry more often. Ideal for kitchens and studies.

Green is the most dominant colour in nature. Green gives a feeling of tranquillity to a room, making you feel secure. If green is your favourite colour you cherish stability, balance and persistence. You always finish what you start. You are inclined to be frank, moral, sensitive, affectionate and loyal. Painting your front entrance door green can invite prosperity to enter your home.

Blue is the stated preference of the majority of the population. It lowers blood pressure and inspires meditation. If blue is your favourite colour you have a basic need for a calm, harmonious, tension-free existence. You are capable, conservative and sensitive to others. You are a loyal, trustworthy friend. You enjoy life but may find it difficult to release your emotions. Blue has a restful effect and is great for bedrooms.

Violet is regarded as a power colour. It can be soothing and spiritual in deeper shades. Brighter hues are preferred by children, while rosier hues are preferred by adults. If violet is your favourite colour you are highly sensitive and observant, but may be quite temperamental. You are highly artistic and talented and enjoy being glamorous. Purple depresses appetite, so eating from purple plates will help you to stay trim!

White is delicate and refined. It looks good with every other colour and will tone down other colours. If white is your favourite colour you expect to experience happiness. You seek perfection and desire constant enlightenment. You strive for all that is best and you expect others to do the same. White encourages a sense of peace and purity.

Black is the ultimate power colour when it comes to clothing; it is associated with dignity and sophistication. If black is your favourite colour you carry yourself with dignity and are inclined to conceal your real personality and emotions from others. You find it difficult to be carefree but in public you may put forth an image of wit and cleverness. Small amounts of black are inspirational, large amounts, oppressing. Black coordinates with all other colours.

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